Due to the experience acquired in the last 10 years, in 2019 I decided to design a new pair of small double resonant solid state tesla coils keeping in mind quality, robustness and portability.


  • Main controller: DD3a (It has been improved, please, check “Mini-DDR” driver)
  • Power Supply: 220VAC full wave rectified mains, closed-loop automatic pre-charge + line filter
  • Bridge: BSM150GB60DLC IGBT’s Full-Bridge
  • DC BUS: Laminated, 1x 400V | 2.7mF BUS capacitor + 2x 400V|4.7uF decoupling capacitors
  • Resonant capacitor: 6kVDC | 73.3nF MMC, 30x WIMA MKP10 2kVDC|22nF film capacitors, 3s10p
  • Primary coil: Flat, 9 turns of 6mm^2 wire, tap at 8.5 turns, acrilic cover, 3/8″ aluminium tubing strike ring.
  • Secondary coil: ~1400 turns, 100x341mm PVC form, 333mm winding, 31AWG
  • Top load: 350x110mm skeleton toroid, 7x 3/8″ aluminium tube rings
  • OCD: Set at 330A
  • CTs: 2x 1:32:16 = 1:512 cascade, same ratio for OCD and feedback
  • Resonant frequency: ~142kHz
  • On-time: Up to 120us
  • Duty-Cycle: Up to 8%
  • Enclosure: 21x21x14 (cm) 3D printed box, ABS
  • Height: 68cm
  • Streamer lenght: Up to 1.15m, measured in a straight line.

    To be continued…

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  1. Joshua

    How do you wind your coils?

  2. Elijah

    This is so cool to me! Do you have a youtube video on the science behind it? preferably for laymen?

    1. Hey, Sorry for the late replay, too many things to work on here.
      Thank you! actually not yet but it’s already on my plans to diversify my channel’s content.
      btw, I’m about to release a flyback driver DIY kit!

  3. Dustan

    Do you sell kits or plans? I can’t seem to find them if so. I understand why you wouldn’t…

    1. Hey! Sorry for the delay,
      Unfortunately not yet, but I still have good news: A friend does!
      His tesla coil DIY is by far the best you can find on the market, the lowest cost for the best performance.
      The kit is “Thundermouse”, from ArcAttack.

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